Board Certified Pathologists

Summit Pathology is an independent pathology laboratory, owned by a practice of sixteen board certified pathologists serving hospital systems and physician offices in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

Dr. Shadia Alam2

Shadia Alam, MD


H. Wentzell Hamner, MD

Dr. Claire Murphy

Claire Murphy, MD

Dr Jakub Stefka

Jakub Stefka, MD

Dr. Jeremiah Andersen

Jeremiah Andersen, MD

Dr Nate Johnston

Nathan Johnston, DO

Dr. Craig Nerby

Craig Nerby, MD

Dr. Michael Smith

Michael Smith, MD

Dr. Ross Barner

Ross Barner, MD


Arlene Libby, MD


Carrie Pizzi, MD


Michael Walts, MD


Christopher Bee, MD

Dr. Daniel Long

Daniel Long, MD

Dr. Meghan Riley

Meghan Riley, MD

Dr Heath Worcester_019

Heath Worcester, MD

Dr Phil Haberman

Phil Haberman, MD

Dr. Cristine McLaughlin

Cristina McLaughlin, MD

Dr. Catherine Salisbury

Catherine Salisbury, MD